Ek Aur Mahanayak (Mahatma) 2018 Hindi Dubbed 720p HDRip 1.2GB

Ek Aur Mahanayak

Director:  Krishna Vamshi

Stars:  Meka Srikanth, Bhavana, Charmy Kaur


Uninhibited trouble-maker Das/Raja is a slacker who gets into fights, and is often arrested by the police. On one occasion he is bailed out by a suspended Police Inspector and Advocate Krishnaveni, whose father is the lawyer of influential Thakur, and both eventually fall in love with each other. Thakur hears about Das’ rowdiness, summons him, and the latter expresses his desire to become a movie star. Thakur encourages him, then steers him away, convinces him to become a politician, and then eventually recruits him as one of his goons. Das then takes up being an extortionist and brings considerable wealth to Thakur. Things change when Thakur’s son, Bhairav, is arrested for killing Kalavati’s associate, Rajesh, and Thakur asks Das to make the ultimate sacrifice to take the blame so that his son can be set free.

Genres: Action, Crime, Drama



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